RGWW presents Terra Nova - The Final Season. Terra Nova is a choreographic residency opportunity that offers a rigorous yet constructive setting in which to progress work-in-progress. Participants meet for 4 sessions bi-weekly to develop original body-based work with mentorship from Rosanna Gamson. Notable arts professionals attend specific sessions to provide additional insight and feedback. The Terra Nova choreographers are then invited to participate in a culminating performance and conversation with the public, including key community dance stakeholders. All works are professionally documented during the performance.

Terra Nova is made possible, in part, by the generous support of the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Los Angeles


In 2016, over the course of six, three-hour work sessions and a culminating performance, Terra Nova offered a rigorous and constructive setting during which participants concentrated on progressing their works-in-progress, and/or started from scratch to develop new projects. The residency facilitated and mentored creation, re-imagining, risk-taking and growth. 

In addition to working with Rosanna Gamson, professionals in the dance community-- well-respected choreographers, journalists, curators, and funders including Victoria Marks, Renae Niles Williams, Benjamin Johnson, Anna B. Scott, Sarah Elgart, Ann Haskins, and Laura Guerrero-Nieto– provided insight and feedback on participants' process and work. The residency culminated in a public studio performance and conversation about the work with the participation of key dance community stakeholders. The performance was fully documented, and the video shared with TERRA NOVA workshop members.


How Rosanna Gamson/World Wide's Terra Nova Project Changed My Life...

photo by Mara Tasker

photo by Mara Tasker

Working with Rosanna Gamson during the Terra Nova Choreographic Residency was just the artistic kick in the pants that I needed! For two years I have been journaling, considering, and envisioning a solo project inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. This project has been stuck inside of me wanting but not willing to come out in physical form. The structure of this residency which culminated in a studio showing forced me to confront the reality that an idea can only become a piece through the act of sharing. Once you have a witness, you have something to hang on to and build from. This residency served as a catalyst to get me through the fear and vulnerability that had kept me stagnant for so long. Finally, my process was visible.

Rosanna's ability to see structure, line, motion and choreographic potential is inspiring. Her ability to cut to the core of what is or is not working in a piece, to get at the root of what lies in front of her, broke open my perspective and allowed me to dive into my work in a whole new way. Her insight into the disconnect between what my character was doing and how my physicality was reading sparked the understanding of my project's thesis. The only thing I can say now is how grateful I am to have had this experience with an amazing group of fellow choreographers and master of craft such as Rosanna Gamson.

photo by Mara Tasker

photo by Mara Tasker