Petras Lisauskas at the Bee Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania

Still is a dance theater piece for six performers inspired by the natural history and science of dreaming. Oneirology, the study of dreaming, spans neuroscience, psychology, and the study of creativity itself. There's a long history of problem-solving and invention attributed to dreams– the periodic table, sewing machines’ bottom-threaded needle, and the realization that nerve impulses are electric transmissions are just a few examples. Different theories say dreams are wishes, a process of sorting memories, transmissions from other universes, or an evolutionary strategy providing mankind with new ideas by connecting random images. John Steinbeck talks about "the committee of sleep" that resolves problems the waking mind can't handle.

In November, 2013 Rosanna traveled to Lithuania with Lavinia Findikoglu and Alexandria Yalj to do exploratory work with Petras Lisauskas, using the landscapes and architecture of dreams as inspiration. We worked together for ten days, presenting the structured improvisations that grew from our research at two festivals, in Vilnius and Sioalai.  May 19-30, 2014 we continued to develop Still though the inaugural session of the Evelyn Sharp Summer Choreographic Residency at the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at CalArts.

A draft of the first act of Still was presented July, 2014 at REDCAT as part of the NOW Festival.  Still/Restless premiered at REDCAT in June, 2016 and was presented by El Camino College's Featured Artist Series in March, 2017 with additional support   by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.



Virtuosic, intimate and volatile duets are at the center of choreographer Rosanna Gamson’s dance-theater work Restless, which continues her kinetic investigation of dream states and the neuroscience and history of dreaming. Restless builds on her acclaimed Still, seen at REDCAT’s 2014 NOW Festival.

Sketches for Restless, were shown at  the Los Angeles Dance Festival and at REDCAT's June, 2015 Studio performances. Still/Restless premiered at REDCAT in June of 2016 and is available for touring.