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A little taste of RGWW's last two weeks at the Evelyn Sharp Choreographic Residency at the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance. Ms. Alexandria Yalj at work!

And Mr. Kearian Giertz below...

STILL goes to the NOW Festival at REDCAT!

RGWW is included in the opening weekend of REDCAT's NEW ORIGINAL WORKS FESTIVAL, July 24th-26th. More details and tickets etc. coming soon.

 The New Original Works Festival is a three-week interdisciplinary program of a variety of short works and some longer projects in their Los Angeles premieres. The Festival takes place in July and August and artists are given development support through rehearsal space, technical assistance, access to equipment and an honorarium. Los Angeles-based projects are selected through a proposal process by a panel of arts professionals, with an emphasis on new projects in development and/or early career artists.

Thank you Everybody who turned up for the MAYDAY Peek & Bash!  It was a great party and extra special thank you to our guest artists.

Read about the new Evelyn Sharp Choreographic Fellowship at CalArts here

Rosanna Gamson's new work on CalArts Students this week: Thursday and Friday, April 17th and 18th, at 8 pm. For tickets visit calarts.edu/calendar