photo by Sallie DeEtte Mackie

The title comes from the names of three neighboring streets in downtown Los Angeles: Grand Avenue, Hope Street, and Flower Street. The performers stand on a stage marked with a grid, each in a small square lit by a different house lamp. The performers, and the lamps, are distinctly different from each other, varying in size, age, shape, and color. Using text based on the physics of light and fairy tales in several languages, and set against a landscape of fragmented movement, Grand Hope Flower creates a densely-packed portrait of the urban isolation, tiny crimes, epic disasters, and relentless optimism of daily life in the mythic city of Los Angeles.

“In Rosanna Gamson’s Grand Hope Flower, the choreographer has constructed a dance-theater epic that ultimately reveals an authoritative, postmodern portrait of her adopted city, Los Angeles. Her voice is original, compelling and necessary in today’s strange world, where truth is sometimes hard to find.” 

-- Victoria Looseleaf,  Los Angeles Times